Learn how to change a pin for processing direct deposit payroll.

A PIN is used for sending payroll information through Direct Deposit. Do you need to change yours? We show you the various ways how for QuickBooks Desktop Basic, Standard and Enhanced Payroll.

Method 1: Change your PIN in Account Maintenance page


  • You must have your current PIN because the system requires that you enter your current PIN in order to create a new one.
  • Your PIN should be 8 to 12 characters, contain one number, one letter, and no special characters, i.e. $ % #, etc.
  1. Select Employees, then My Payroll Services, then Account/Billing Information.
  2. Sign in to your Intuit Account.
  3. In the Direct Deposit section, select Update link next to the Direct Deposit PIN.
  4. Enter your current PIN, create a new PIN, and then confirm the new PIN.
  5. Select Submit.

Method 2: Change the PIN in the Send Payroll Data window


  • You must have your Admin Log in and password.
  • Your PIN should be 8 to 12 characters, contain one number, one letter, and no special characters, i.e. $ % #, etc.
  • You have successfully sent payroll in the past from the computer and data file you are currently using.
  1. Log in to QuickBooks as Admin (an Admin user must be set up in QuickBooks).
  2. Select Employees, and then Send Payroll Data.
  3. In the Send/Receive Payroll Data window, select Send.
  4. In the Payroll Service PIN window, select Forgot your PIN?
  5. Enter your Admin password in the Password field.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Enter a new PIN when prompted.
  8. Select Submit.

Reset a lost or forgotten PIN

Download the PIN request form. You need: 

  • The form must be signed by the Primary Principal or Secondary Principal.
    The Primary Principal is the person you have assigned as the owner of the company when you signed up for the direct deposit service.
  • Indicate the EIN (Employer Identification Number) of the company that is requesting for PIN change.
  • Photocopy/Picture of any government issued ID (e.g. driver s license) of the Primary Principal.It is critical that the name and the signature in the ID is clear, and the ID is still valid (not expired).
    Send the requirements to:
    Fax: 1-520-901-6918
    Email: TucsonDDService@intuit.com
After sending the requirements your company's Payroll Administrator or Primary Principal can contact us to get the new PIN.

For Assisted Payroll subscribers: See Change or recover forgotten/lost PIN for Assisted Payroll