You can enter up to eleven hourly rates for each employee. The first hourly rate is always named Regular Pay. As you add each additional rate, you can name it what you want.

Any name you add for one employee's hourly pay, such as Cash Register, will be available for all other hourly employees. You can pay all these employees the same rate, or different rates. For example, a new employee working the Cash Register might earn $10 per hour, while an experienced employee working the Cash Register earns $12 per hour.

To enter an additional pay rate:

Intuit Online Payroll/Intuit online Payroll for Accountants

  1. Go to Employees,  then select Employee's name.
  2. In Pay section, select Edit.
  3. Just below the Regular Pay rate, select Add hourly rate.
    • If you've set up other pay rates for other employees, click the drop-down arrow and choose one.
    • To enter a new rate, click the drop-down arrow and choose Add hourly rate. Give the rate a name.
  4. Enter a dollar amount for the hourly rate.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

To set up different hourly rates for the same employee:

  1. Select Workers from the left menu, then select Employees.
  2. Select the employee's name, then Edit employee .
  3. Under How much do you pay this employee?, select Add additional pay types (if you haven't selected any other pay types), or select the edit (pencil) icon if you have.
  4. Select Add an hourly rate.
  5. Add description and enter a dollar amount for the hourly rate.
  6. Select Done.

When you create paychecks, these rates will appear in the table. All you need to do is enter the hours.