Your regular invoice will look different in GST regime. There are new GST tax invoicing rules for creating invoices in GST.

As per the rules, an invoice issued by a supplier must contain:\

  • Name, address and GSTIN of supplier
  • Consecutive invoice serial number with only alphabets and/or numerals, that are unique for a financial year.
  • Name, address and GSTIN / Unique ID Number of the recipient, if registered under GST.
  • Name and address of the address for delivery of products or services, if applicable with state code.
  • HSN/SAC code for products and services respectively.
  • Description of goods or services.
  • Quantity or units of goods and/or services.
  • Total value of goods or services.
  • Taxable value of goods or services taking into account discount, if any.
  • Tax rate (Under CGST, SGST or IGST)
  • Amount of tax charged
  • Place of supply along with the name of State - for supply in the course of inter-state trade or commerce.
  • Place of delivery, if different from place of supply.
  • Reverse tax, if applicable

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