You made an overpayment on Form 941 taxes in a previous period and have a credit with the IRS. This article explains how to claim the credit by entering it on Form 941.

Expected Outcome

You can claim the credit on Form 941.


The credit was not used during the current quarter.


QuickBooks Desktop does not automatically apply the overpayment to the next quarter's Form 941. You must manually override line 11 of Form 941 to include the credit.

To include the credit using the manual override:

  1. Prepare your 941 form.

    See Prepare and print Form 941, Schedule B, and Form 940 for steps on how to prepare or edit the 941 form.
  2. Add the credit amount and the amount shown on the 941 form.
  3. Locate line 11 on the form, right-click the number and select Override.
  4. Enter the new amount. The form adjusts the total due or amount of overpayment.
  5. If there is an overpayment, on the form, under line 15, select Apply to next return if you you want to apply the overpayment to the next return. Select Send a refund if you want to receive a refund check.