Learn about the amount of time you have to import data into QuickBooks Online.

The amount of time you have to import data from a QuickBooks Desktop company file into a QuickBooks Online company file varies. It depends on who set up the QuickBooks Online company file and how.

We explain each scenario below.

Accountant set up

Did a client invite you to set up their books in QuickBooks Online? Or did you create a client's company file from the QuickBooks Online Accountant interface?

If so you have 180 days from the date you created the company to import data into QuickBooks Online.

If your firm uses a Your Books subscription in QuickBooks Online Accountant there is no time limit.

Client set up

Did your client use their own subscription to set up their company file in QuickBooks Online?

If so they have 60 days to import their QuickBooks Desktop data.