To download a payroll tax table update in QuickBooks Desktop:

Important Reminder:
  • In order to update your tax tables within QuickBooks Desktop, you must have an active payroll subscription.
  • Intuit recommends that you download your tax table every time you pay your employees, or at least every 45 days.  Click here to learn the latest tax table version.
  • To receive payroll tax table updates automatically when they are released, turn on the automatic updates feature in QuickBooks Desktop.  See Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release for detailed instructions.
  1. Click Employees > Get Payroll Updates.
  2. Click to select Download entire payroll update.

  3. Click Update.
  4. When the download is complete, a message such as "A new tax table and/or updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your computer. Click OK to read about the changes." Click OK.

Disk Delivery service: To install a payroll tax update from a CD:

  1. Insert the Payroll Update CD.
  2. Open the Get Payroll Updates window.
    • QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier: Choose Employees > Get Payroll Updates.
  3. In the Install Payroll Update window, if you are prompted to locate the update.dat or update3.dat file, respond to the prompts.
  4. Click Browse.
  5. In the Install From window, choose the CD drive from the Look in drop-down arrow.
  6. Select either update.dat or update3.dat from the Payroll Update Disk, and click Open.
  7. In the Payroll Update window, click OK.
    Note: If you receive the message, "File Not Found," test your CD drive:
    1. Close QuickBooks Desktop, click the Windows Start button, and select Computer or My Computer.
    2. Right-click the CD drive, and select Explore. If you cannot view the files, test the CD on a second computer. If you can view the files on the second computer, you have a hardware problem with the CD drive on the first computer. If you cannot view the files on both computers, order a new payroll update disk by visiting our support site, then select Payroll and click View Contact Info.
    3. In the Install Confirmation window, verify that you are installing from the correct location and that the tax table versions in the Current and New fields are correct.
    4. Click Install. When the update is complete, or the new tax table is installed, a confirmation message appears. Read the message and then click OK.
      • If the tax table version has changed, a message appears: "A new tax table has been installed on your computer. Click OK to read about the changes."
      • If the tax table version has not changed, a message appears: "You have successfully installed payroll update [PS###]."

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