You can use this application as a self-employment ledger. Basically, a ledger is a bookkeeping tool to record info about money received and paid out.

That’s exactly what we help you do. It's easy to separate your business income and spending from your personal finances, and it assigns business spending into the correct Schedule C categories so that you can claim appropriate deductions.

  • The Tax summary is a quick, ready-to-go ledger. This PDF file is available from the Taxes > Annual Taxes page. It summarizes your taxable business profit (income minus deductions) and gives totals for spending and deductions for Schedule C categories. Use this document if you need to print, email, or share a self-employment ledger.
  • You might also find Tax details useful. This is an Excel file available from the Taxes > Annual Taxes page that also provides a summary, but gives detailed transaction information by category as well. Use this file if you need to provide specific details about each business transaction.

Of course, you can view a running list of all your transactions on the Transactions page at any time. It shows the date, a description, an amount, the type of transaction, plus any notes you added in the detail view. You can filter the page by type, account, and timeline to show just the info you need.