Effective 11/29/2017 some customer will be given the Instant bank account verification, To be certain your account is using the new feature select your Gear Icon and Payroll Settings.  Accounts with the Feature will have a Bank Accounts section. See article How to change the payroll bank account in QuickBooks Full Service Payroll (QBFSP)

What are these numbers?

  • Bank routing # — 9-digit number that identifies your account's bank. It appears in the lower-left corner of the check, surrounded by the Bank routing symbol symbol. It usually appears before the account number, but not always.
  • Account # — number of the bank account. It always appears to the left of the Account number symbol symbol.

If you're changing the bank account you use to find your payroll, use the links below to contact us to make the change in your payroll account.

QuickBooks Full Service Payroll

Intuit Full Service Payroll

Tip: Be sure you make the switch in plenty of time for your next payroll so there is no interruption with your direct deposit and other paychecks.

If you export your payroll transactions to QuickBooks, don't forget to update your payroll bank account in Export to QuickBooks from the Account Settings tab.