Here are the ways you can print paychecks for your employees:

Use preprinted check stock

Preprinted check stock already has your company and banking information on it.

To purchase, visit or call 800.433.8810.

Use blank check stock

Blank check stock is 50-80% cheaper than preprinted check stock. We print your company and banking information on the stock along with the payee information in real time, so checks won't become obsolete if you change bank accounts.

We recommend you use MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) toner or ink to print on blank check stock. Not all printers can print consistently enough to use blank check stock. To test your printer, print a document twice, and then hold both copies together up to a light and look through them to see if there is a difference.

Hand-write checks or direct deposit employee pay, then print pay stubs only on plain paper

You can pay employees by writing a check by hand or by direct deposit. Then give them their printed pay stubs for a record of taxes and wages paid.

You can also set up your employees to view or print their pay stubs online using our site,