When attempting to download payroll updates you receive an error code that starts with PS, followed by a message.

These error codes include: PS032, PS033, PS034, PS036, PS058, and PS077.

Expected Outcome

You will be able to download the latest payroll updates.


You have an active QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription.


Note: Below is a list of fixes for this error. You may not need to follow all of them to resolve the issue. We recommend downloading the latest tax table again after every few steps.

To resolve this problem:

  1. Restart your computer and open QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. View and update QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service account information.

  3. Verify QuickBooks Desktop is registered.
    1. Press F2 in QuickBooks Desktop to bring up the Product Information screen. At the top it will say REGISTERED or ACTIVATED if you have already registered your QuickBooks Desktop.
    2. If you still need to register, follow these steps.
  4. Make sure you only have one installation of the same version of QuickBooks Desktop.  (For example, you do not want two installations of QuickBooks Accountant 2015 installed in different folders on the same machine.)
    1. Backup your data file
    2. If you have two installations of the same version, uninstall the one you are not using.
  5. Reset QuickBooks Desktop updates.
    Disk delivery users must download the qbwebpatch.exe file from QuickBooks Desktop support. If you don't have Internet access, you can get the download the file from another computer and then install it on the computer running QuickBooks Desktop.
  6. Turn off UAC. Be sure to turn it back on when you are done troubleshooting.
  7. Re-sort lists, verify QuickBooks Desktop data, and then run an error report in QuickBooks Desktop.

    Re-sort lists and run the Verify Data/Rebuild Data processes to correct any data damage.

    To run the error report, known as QBWin.Log:

    1. In QuickBooks Desktop, press F2 (or press CTRL+1).
    2. In the Product Information window, press F3 (or CTRL+2).
    3. In the Tech Help window, click the Open File tab.
    4. Double-click qbwin.log.
    5. Start at the bottom and work your way up looking for "Error" (or "disk update" if you have disk delivery).
    6. Search for the specific error on, our technical support website.
  8. Rename the CPS folder.

    Note: you may experience multiple error messages. Continue past them.

    1. Go to C:\Progzram Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20nn\Components\Payroll\CPS.Note: nn stands for the version number of QuickBooks Desktop, such as QuickBooks Desktop 2014 or 2015.
    2. Rename the CPS folder CPSOLD.
    3. Download the latest tax table.Note: be sure to select Download entire payroll (not just changes and additions).
  9. Perform a clean install of QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup.

Additional steps if you do not have direct deposit or QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted:

  1. Find and rename the paysub.ini file extension.
  2. Check for invalid characters, such as extra spaces.
    1. Remove the legal address on the Company Information or My Company screen and reenter it.
    2. On the Account Maintenance pages, remove and reenter information in fields such as legal address, company name, and payroll administrator.