This article gives you the general process in enrolling with State tax agencies and obtaining login requirements.

Note: IMPORTANT! The enrollment and the process of getting the login requirements are owned by the State tax agencies. Also, the time it takes to complete the enrollment and get the login requirements depend on the State tax agencies.

Why do I have to enroll with State tax agency?

Regardless where or how you e-file and/or e-pay, certain States require that you enroll or register before you can e-file State forms or e-pay your State taxes. Also, certain States have login requirements.

As soon as you have enrolled and obtained the login requirements, you will be able to conveniently submit your e-payments and e-file your state forms in QuickBooks.

What are the requirements to e-file State forms and e-pay State taxes in QuickBooks?


To enroll with your State tax agency and obtain the login requirements:

  1. Check if you are required to enroll with your State tax agency, and if there are login requirements.
    You can check our Payroll Tax Complaince page if you need to enroll with your State Tax Agency and if there are Login Requirements for you to e-file or e-pay.
  1. Open our Payroll Tax Compliance.
  2. Select your State.Example:  If you are filing or paying for a Florida State Tax, click the Florida link.
  3. Go to E-file & Pay tab.  This will take you to the list of forms available for e-file/epay in QuickBooks.
  4. Click the View link next to a form and read the Form Details.
    The Form Details include:
    • Filing Enrollment Instructions
    • Payment Enrollment Instructions
    • Login Requirements
    • Additional Login Requirements
    • Change Bank Account Instruction
    • Penalty and Interest Requirements
    • Paying Penalty & Interest
    • Alternative Submission Process
  • Follow the Filing Enrollment Instructions and Payment Enrollment Instructions in our Payroll Tax Compliance page.
  • Obtain the Login Requirements.  Most of the time, you obtain your Login Requirements during or after your enrollment with your State Tax Agency.

As soon as you are enrolled and you have obtained the login requirements, you can start e-filing and e-paying in QuickBooks.

State taxes and forms that you must e-file and e-pay together:

See details steps here:  E-file State tax form and e-pay State tax liability together in QuickBooks

State Unemployment Insurance Withholding Tax
Connecticut X
Florida X
Indiana X
Mississippi X
Nebraska X
Ohio X
Utah X
Virginia X

For other State forms and taxes, see E-file State forms & E-pay State taxes separately in QuickBooks