When are copies of my filed payroll tax forms available?


All copies of your quarterly and annual payroll tax forms filed by Intuit Assisted Payroll are available in the Payroll Tax Center (PTC) as outlined below. Please note that as Intuit Assisted Payroll processes these forms throughout quarter end, they may appear in the PTC earlier than the date listed below. See the Assisted Quick Tax Guide for a list of forms filed by Assisted Payroll.

Quarter/Annual Filing Period Filing Date Payroll Tax Form Filed copies available in the Payroll Tax Center by:
1st Quarter April 30 941 Federal and quarterly state forms May 5
2nd Quarter July 31 August 5
3rd Quarter October 31 November 5
4th Quarter January 31 February 5
Annual January 31 944 Federal February 5
Annual January 31 940 February 5
Annual February 28 Annual reconciliation state forms March 5
Annual January 31 W-2 and W-3 January 10