Learn about sick pay laws.

Sick pay is a benefit an employer may provide that allows employees to stay at home to address health concerns with or without pay.  Sick pay laws and regulations vary by state, city, and local jurisdiction.

We explain accruals and provide a list of state and jurisdictions with links to their sick pay laws.


Although advice about labor law compliance is outside the scope of Intuit's payroll support, QuickBooks does support the paid sick leave accrual options. Select the links below for details about adding the appropriate accruals to your payroll system:

Poster compliance service

Intuit does provide labor law posters. This service helps employers stay compliant with their state agencies. These are one of the few products employers are legally required to post in their work location(s).

For more info, see QuickBooks Poster Compliance Service: All you need to know.

States or jurisdictions that have active sick pay laws

There are numerous laws for labor and pay requirements, at both the federal and state level, that change approximately 75 times a year across the US. If you have any questions regarding labor and pay requirements, contact your state agency.



Washington, District of Columbia



Maryland state has new sick pay laws starting February 11 and may change with legislation. The agency website is being updated as the status of the laws are communicated.

County laws may be impacted by state sick pay laws.


New Jersey

New York, New York



Rhode Island