How to print employee W-2 forms if you are an QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted customer and are using the Self Print option.

Not sure when W-2s are available to print?  Check out Deadlines and important quarter and year end dates for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted customers for the latest Year End and W-2 dates.

To print W-2 forms with the Self Print option:

  1. Access the Payroll Tax Center
    1. Choose Employees > Payroll Center.
    2. Click the File Forms tab.
    3. Click View/Print Forms & W-2s.
    4. Enter your payroll PIN.
  2. Select the W-2 tab.
  3. Select individual employee names from the list, or select the checkbox next to the title Employee to select all employees.
  4. Click the Open/Save Selected button.
  5. If the Print Instructions window opens, select the reason for printing the W-2s.
    • Choose I'm printing original employee W-2s if you are going to give the W-2 to the employee for the first time.
    • Choose I'm printing replacement employee W-2s for lost or damaged W-2s.
    • Choose I'm printing W-2s for my records if this a copy for your company records.

  6. Based on your selection, a message about printing paper may appear. Load the appropriate paper into your printer.
    If you do not have perforated paper (instructions on back), you can print the W-2 form on plain paper, but you must also provide the W-2 filing instructions to your employee.
    • Note - QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted uses 4-up paper (four horizontal W-2s per page).
  7. An Adobe Reader file will open containing your W-2 selections.
  8. Choose File > Print to print your W-2s.

Additional Information:

  • Each employee should get a full page with 4 copies of their W-2 form: employee gets 1 copy each of Copies B and C, and 2 copies of Copy 2.
  • If you would like to print copies of employee W-2 forms or other forms for your records, see How to view or print filed tax copies in the Payroll Tax Center for steps.
  • Fold your W-2 forms along the second perforation, with the fold inserted in the bottom of the envelope.