Learn how to electronically file and pay your taxes.

Quickly file and pay federal taxes using e-services. You can also file and pay state taxes as long as your state participates in e-filing. In this article we show you how.


Before you get started

Before you can apply for e-filing, you need to be aware of the following.

Apply for e-services

First you need to fill out an authorization form packet. The packet contains an instruction sheet, fax cover sheet, Form 8655 (federal Reporting Agent Authorization), and State authorization form (if required).

Once forms are filled in, fax the packet back to us using the cover sheet. We process within 1-2 business days. If you're unable to fax them, please contact Payroll Support.

You can also easily reprint your forms.

  1. Select the To Do tab on the navigation bar, then choose the payroll To Do list.
  2. Select Setting up electronic services. You'll see an item to send in the authorization forms.
  3. Select the item, and select the Print button.

Set up state Income tax (SIT) and state unemployment insurance (SUI)

To set up state income tax (SIT) and state unemployment insurance (SUI), follow these steps.

    1. Select Setup.
    2. Choose Update Electronic Services.
    3. Select Add/Edit Electronic Services.
    4. Select Yes to enable federal and state e-services options.
    5. Enter your bank account and principal officer information.
    6. Review the information entered on the previous screen.
    7. Enter your federal EIN, filing name, and filing address.
    8. Select Electronically and select Continue. (Note: If your subscription includes Enhanced level service and electronic payment and filing are available for your state or states)
    9. Select your service fee payment method.
    10. Select Show My Forms.
    11. Print, sign, and fax authorization forms.
    12. Verify Test Transaction (If your payroll account wasn't previously activated for direct deposit, we'll initiate a small test transaction that will post to your bank account in 2-3 business days. You'll see a deposit and a withdrawal for an identical amount of less than $1.00. You'll see an item on your payroll To Do list to verify the exact transaction amount.)
    13. Look for our activation email.

Thing to know:

  • After you have verified your test transaction and we've received and processed your authorization forms, we'll forward them to the IRS and state tax agencies for approval.
  • Once we've received the approval, we'll send you an email notification that your payroll account is active for e-services.
  • In the unlikely event your enrollment isn't approved, we'll send you an email explaining the reason.
  • The IRS usually takes 1-2 business days to process enrollments.
  • State processing times can vary widely, from one business days to several weeks.

Enable eServices: Tax Setup flow

eServices has been added to the Tax Setup flow in Online Payroll.

  1. After entering your employee information, you will be prompted to start Tax Setup. Select Set up taxes now.
  2. The main Payroll Tax Center page confirms the information you need to complete this process. Choose Continue.
  3. Enter your employees' birth dates and hire dates if it wasn't entered previously. Choose Continue.
  4. Confirm your business details. Select Continue.
  5. Enter your federal and state tax information, select Continue.
  6. Select E-pay and E-file, then choose Next.
  7. Select Get started to connect your bank account.
  8. Select or search your bank account.
  9. Verify your bank account by entering bank account login information or connect using your routing and account numbers. Select Connect securely.
  10. System will attempt to connect bank account.
  11. Select your bank account, then choose Use this account.
  12. Select Next.
  13. Update and confirm business information, then select Next.
  14. List of states setup or added in the account will show and you can select them. Select Next. (Note: You can't enroll for state e-services without enrolling in federal e-services, that's why the federal taxes can't be unchecked.)
  15. You'll have the option to use e-sign for the authorization form (8655 form) or you can print, sign, and send the authorization form. If you select e-sign, system will ask series of questions to verify your identity.
  16. You're required to print, sign, and fax authorization form. Contact Payroll Support for assistance.

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