Here are some of the most common question people have when connecting QuickBooks Desktop to their your Payroll product account.

What's an Intuit account and why would I want one?

An Intuit account is a central profile you create as you sign up for our products. It contains things like your company name, address, and phone. The key to it is a single user ID and password combination.

The best things about an Intuit account are:

  • You'll have only one password to remember.
  • You can choose whether to share profile data between your Intuit applications.

You may already have an Intuit account and not realize it. If so, we'll help you find it.

What Intuit account should I use?

Enter a user ID and password for the Intuit account you used to set up Export to QuickBooks.

I'm not the person who set up Export to QuickBooks. What do I do?

You must use the same Intuit account user ID and password that you used up to set up Intuit Sync Manager in QuickBooks and job costing in your Payroll product account.

If the person who set up Sync Manager and job costing is still available and an active user on your Payroll product account:

  1. Make the person the primary payroll contact so they're the first to link their Intuit account.
  2. Have that person link the Intuit account for any other active users on your Payroll product account.
  3. When all users on the payroll account have Intuit account for payroll, then you can reassign the primary payroll contact.

If the person is not available, contact us and we'll help you step by step. Provide the agent with the QuickBooks realm ID: In QuickBooks, press F2. The Company Realm ID is displayed in the Services Information section of the Product information window.

If you're not sure who set up Sync Manager and job costing, you can look it up.

  1. In QuickBooks, choose File > Sync > Show Sync Status (QuickBooks Desktop 2013 or later) or Online Services (or Online Solutions) > Manager Solutions > Show Sync Status (QuickBooks Desktop 2012 or earlier).
  2. If you don't see your company file in the Intuit Sync Manager window, choose Options > Show Details.
  3. Right-click the company file and then click Company Info.

Why don't I see my Intuit account?

You may have an Intuit account associated with a different email address. Go ahead and sign in with the other email address or user ID.

Why do I have multiple accounts?

We associate Intuit accounts with email addresses. If we find more than one account associated with your email address , we'll display them here.

There are several reasons why you might have multiple Intuit accounts:

  • When you signed up to use one of our products or even just tried one out, you created an Intuit account.
  • You might have separate Intuit account for business finance and personal finance. For example, one for business applications like QuickBooks and payroll and another for personal applications like Quicken or Turbo Tax.

Do I have to do this now?

You'll need to link your Intuit account to sign in to your payroll product account and perform payroll tasks like exporting your payroll data to QuickBooks, so we recommend that you do it now.

But don't worry, it takes just a moment or two. And remember, we're here to help so, if you get stuck, contact us!