If an accountant is unable to locate their profile on the Find-a-ProAdvisor (Matchmaking) website, there are steps and tools that can be used to identify the cause and solution.

Please try the available solutions in the order they are provided.

Solution 1: Confirm that the customer's profile has been verified

For more information, please refer to ProAdvisor profile verification.

Solution 2: Verify that the customer is certified

  1. In PAP CSR, search for the customer (via their email or Auth ID).
  2. From the Search Results, select the ProAdvisor Id containing the problem profile.
  3. Scroll down to the QuickBooks Certifications section and verify that the ProAdvisor shows that they are certified in a current version of QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online.
    • If the ProAdvisor DOES NOT show a current version of QuickBooks certification, inform them that they that they would need to complete the current year's certification.
    • If the ProAdvisor shows a current version of QuickBooks certification, move on to the next solution.Current Versions:
      • QuickBooks Desktop (US and CA only): You are considered current if you are certified in the current year's version or one of the 2 prior year's versions.
        Example: If QuickBooks 2017 is the most current version, your profile would display if you are certified in either 2017, 2015, or 2014.
      • QuickBooks Online: You are considered current if you have completed QuickBooks Online Certification within the last 365 days.


Solution 3: Check the address and re-save the profile

  1. Return to PAP CSR. Within the ProAdvisor Profiles section, under Actions, click the Edit button.
  2. Verify that the AddressCity, State, and ZIP code fields are all filled out. If any of these fields are missing or incorrect, the profile will not display.
  3. Open Google Maps and enter the address exactly as it is written. If it doesn't come up right away, the address isn't valid. Get the correct address from the customer and enter it into their profile through PAP CSR.
  4. Verify that the Published Profile checkbox is checked.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. Note that a profile is not saved unless you get a javascript prompt that reads, "Save Successful".
  6. Record the zip code that was entered into the profile, and search the Find-a-ProAdvisor website again.
    • If the profile now appears, the issue has been resolved.
    • If the profile still does not appear, continue to the next solution.


Solution 4: Determine whether the profile is connected to a suspended ProAdvisor membership

  1. Return to PAP CSR. From the top of the Profile Information screen, click the Up to ProAdvisor Information button.
  2. Verify whether or not the Profile is associated with an Entitlement ID.
    • If there is NO Entitlement ID, reach out to your Accountant Support Tier 2 Representative for further instructions.
    • If there is an Entitlement ID, record it somewhere and continue with the remaining steps.
  3. Scroll down to the Entitlements section and locate the matching Entitlement ID.
  4. Capture the corresponding License number.
  5. In Salesforce, enter the License number into the Universal Search field and search.
  6. In the Search results, click on the Account Name associated with the License.
  7. Within the Products and Services section, search for "Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvsior".
  8. Above the list of products, un-check Suspended. This will filter out any suspended assets.
  9. If an active ProAdvisor membership is displayed, reach out to your Accountant Support Tier 2 representative for further instructions.
  10. If NO active ProAdvisor membership is displayed, go back to PAP CSR and click Remove Entitlement, for the problematic profile.Note: A canceled or suspended paid ProAdvisor membership can cause a profile to be seen as suspended, rather than downgraded to a free membership. In these cases, removing the entitlement breaks the connection between the suspended membership and the profile, treating the profile as if it is solely a free membership.