Learn how to resolve the "We can't retrieve complete payroll..." error message found in Quickbooks Online Accountant.

If you or a firm member is receiving the error: "Sorry, we can't retrieve complete payroll information for some clients right now" you will also have a grayed out Move clients to wholesale button. This is an easy error to fix by updating a user's permissions.

Whomever receives the error message needs their permissions updated give them access to the billing page. To correct the permissions:

  1. Within the Team page in QuickBooks Online Accountant, select the user.
  2. Go to the Firm Administration and Books tab.
  3. Under Your Firm Administration, change access to Edit for Firm information and Subscriptions and billing.
  4. Select Save.
Set user permissions in QuickBooks Online Accountant


Once the changes have been saved, the user can log back into QuickBooks Online Accountant and access the billing page.