Learn how to view the public version of your ProAdvisor profile.

When you set up your ProAdvisor profile, you can preview your public profile to review it.

You can also view the public version of your ProAdvisor profile from the Find-a-ProAdvisor website.

Viewing your own profile on the website can be useful if you need to give a client a direct link to your profile. You can also check how you rank within your area.

To view your public profile:

  1. Visit the Find-a-ProAdvisor website.
  2. Optionally select one of the specialties listed to narrow the search results.
  3. Enter your ZIP code, town, city, or area in the search field and select Search.

If you enabled the Include in search results option when you set up your profile, your public ProAdvisor profile appears in the list of results.

Tip When you add a new ProAdvisor profile, it can take up to an hour after you publish it for your new profile to appear on the Find-a-ProAdvisor website.