This article explains how you can give access to wholesale or retail clients to their payroll account.


  1. From your Client List, select the client's account.
  2. Click Setup.
  3. Click Contact Information.
  4. Click Provide client access.
  5. When the screen below appears, select the options you want.

    • Full: Complete access; the client can perform all payroll functions.
    • Setup and Payroll: Same access as Full, except access is blocked from the Taxes & Forms tab. The client is unable to create or delete tax payments and forms, and does not see tax or form reminders on the To Do tab.
    • Payroll Only: Access to the Payday tab and some items on the Setup tab. The setup items include change User ID or password; set paycheck printing preferences; review the accountant and client service agreement; and select report preferences. The client will see an Access Denied message for all other options.

  6. Click Next and enter login information for your client.

  7. Click Next to finish.

Note: Because you are creating your client's user ID and password, no email is automatically generated to deliver that information to them. You must provide the login information to your client yourself.