These include office furniture rentals, computers, copiers, other small business equipment, and building or land rental. Don’t include vehicle rental expenses.

We automatically categorize these transactions for you as rent and lease:

  • Equipment rent and lease
  • Rent and lease

You can also enter these as rent and lease :

  • Portable storage units
  • Small machinery and appliance rentals for business
  • Warehouse space
  • Showroom space
  • Office buildings
  • Retail shops
  • Costs for repairs and maintenance, but for office or property that's not your home. Does not include renovations or improvements.
  • Minor roofing, HVAC upgrades for a business space
  • Computer repair and upgrade visits from technical specialists like the Geek Squad
  • Floor refinishing for a business space
  • Carpet and furniture cleaning in a business space
  • Janitorial services for a business space
  • Paint, spackle, and electrical work