Below are some frequently asked questions from other QuickBooks Self-Employed (QBSE) customers

Can I create custom expense categories?
  • The categories in QBSE are directly based on where they will be input in the business schedule on the tax return - that being said we are exploring ways to allow for custom tags or markings to help personalise the experience in the future.
When I connect by bank account, how far back will QBSE download transactions?
  • Our system will pull as many transactions as we can automatically - the limit on that is usually 90 days (depending on the bank)
How long does it take for transactions to appear?
  • Our systems check for transactions automatically each night, and imports transactions that have been finalised (not in a pending state). Depending on how fast transactions appear in your internet banking, and whether or not the transaction is pending or not, it can sometimes take a day or so before you see it in QBSE - this is normal.
How do I add a refund I have received?
  • For a refund that is related to a business expense, you would record the refund under the business expense category it is related to so that it reverses out the expense you have already recorded.
I have QuickBooks Online but I don't need all the features...can I downgrade to QuickBooks Self Employed?
  • Unfortunately, we don't have a way to downgrade from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Self Employed at this time (as they are actually two separate products). If QuickBooks Online is more than you need (IE you are not registered for GST/Tax, pay employees, require inventory or need to keep track of bills) then you would need to cancel your QBO subscription and start a new one on your mobile with QuickBooks Self Employed - but please be advised when you start your QBSE subscription we are limited in how far back we can import bank transactions automatically (90 days normally).

How can I add payment details to my invoice?
  •  There is not a specific section in the invoice for bank details, so instead simply tap the Message field and include your bank and payment details therein.