What you may be experiencing:
When trying to create paycheques using scheduled or unscheduled payroll in QuickBooks Desktop, you may experience latency or freezing. 

What you can try now:
  1. Close your company file.
  2. Open a sample file within QuickBooks
  3. From the No Company Open window, select Open a sample file
  4. Select a sample company file
  5. Click Ok to the warning You're opening a QuickBooks Desktop sample company file.
  6. In the sample company file, go to the Employees menu > Pay Employees > Scheduled Payroll
  7. Click Start Scheduled Payroll.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Select one of the employees listed and click Continue.
  10. Click Ok to the warning message.
  11. Click Create Pay Cheques.
  12. Click Yes to the Past Transactions message.
  13. Click Close
Once you are able to successfully create a paycheque in the sample company file, close the sample company file and re-open your working company file.

Current Status:
We are actively looking for customers to join us in a troubleshooting session with our engineers. If the issue persists after trying the workaround above, please contact us at 1-877-772-9158 to schedule a sessionWe appreciate your patience as we continue to research root cause and test a possible fix. Continue to check this article for updates regarding this issue. We intend to have more information to share by August 23, 2018.

Next Update: 
August 23, 2018