QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and Accountant 2018 now allows you to easily merge duplicate vendor names through the new Merge Duplicate Vendors feature which allows you to easily combine up to four vendors, consolidate all transactions to a master vendor and update information as needed. With this new feature, you can save plenty of time in cleaning up your vendor list.

Before merging vendors, you need to make sure that:

  • Your company file is in single user mode.
  • You are NOT using an Accountant’s Copy File (.QBA).
  • Multi Currency is NOT turned on.
  • The vendors you are merging are NOT:
    • Tax Authorities
    • Tax exempt
    • Paid through Online Banking
    • Direct Deposit Vendors


To merge vendors

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  1. Access the Merge Vendors window.
    • If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Edition: From the Accountant menu, select Client Data Review then click Merge Vendors.
    • If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: From the Company menu, select Accounting tools then click Merge Vendors.
  2. On the Merge Vendors window, select vendors to be merged then click Next.
  3. Select a Master Vendor then click Merge.

    Note: If you have not created a backup yet and you want to have one before merging vendors, click Backup & Merge instead.

  4. Click Yes on the Confirmation prompt and OK on the Merge Complete window.