Go to the Sales Transactions page if you need to view, create or edit transactions that bring income to your business.

To access the page, select Sales (or Invoicing) from the left menu, then All Sales.

The Money Bar is a key part of the page. It shows you at a glance, the status and amounts of your sales transactions. It gives you an instant view of open and recently paid income. It also shows you if you have unbilled items like estimates/quotes, time activities, and charges or costs.

The list contains:

  • Estimates/Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Sales receipts
  • Payments
  • Credit memos/Adjustment Notes
  • Delayed charges (QuickBooks Online Plus and Essentials only)
  • Billable time activities (QuickBooks Online Plus only)

From the Sales Transaction page, you can easily:

  • Copy/Void/Delete* transactions
  • Create new invoices, sales receipts, estimates/quotes, and credit memos. Just select the New transaction drop-down and choose the transaction you want to add.
  • Create other customer entries like charges, time activities, and credits (QuickBooks Online Plus and Essentials only).
  • See the status of any transaction in the list and know if they are Open, Paid, Partially Paid, or Overdue.
  • Take action on a transaction like receiving payment for an invoice directly from the list, without having to find the individual transaction first.
  • Print transactions or packing slips (for invoices and sales receipts), individually or for a group you select.
  • Send transaction(s). When you send a single transaction, you can customize the message you send with it.
  • Filter the list to see only the items you're interested in.
  • Change the columns to view just the data you need.
  • Change the status of estimates/quotes right from the list.
  • Export the list to Microsoft Excel so you can work with the data it contains in other ways.

* Delete option is not available in France.