Go to Invoicing (Or Sales) > All Sales.
The Sales Transaction page is a central area to view and work with the transactions that bring income to your business.

The Money Bar is a key part of the page. It shows you at a glance the status and amounts of your money-in transactions. It gives you an instant view of open and recently paid income.

It also shows you if you have unbilled items like estimates/quotes, time activities, and charges or costs.

The list itself contains:

  • Estimates/Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Sales receipts
  • Payments
  • Credit memos/Adjustment Notes
  • Delayed charges (QuickBooks Online Plus and Essentials only)
  • Billable time activities (QuickBooks Online Plus only)

From the Sales Transaction page you can easily:

  • Create new invoices, sales receipts, estimates/quotes, and credit memos. Just click Create (+).
  • Create other customer entries, like charges, time activities, and credits (QuickBooks Online Plus and Essentials only).
  • Quickly see the status of any transaction in the list (like Open, Paid, Partially Paid, Overdue—whatever is appropriate for the transaction).
  • Take action on a transaction—like receive payment for an invoice—directly from the list, without having to find the individual transaction first.
  • Print transactions or packing slips (for invoices and sales receipts), individually or for a group you select.
  • Send a transaction, or send a group of them you select. When you send a single transaction, you can customize the message you send with it.
  • Filter the list to see only the items that you're interested in.
  • Change the columns to view just the data you need.
  • Change the status of estimates/quotes right from the list.
  • Export the list to Microsoft Excel so you can work with the data it contains in other ways.