Important: Be sure billable expenses are set up before entering one. How?
Note: Billable expenses are only available in Plus.   

  1. Enter a billable expense using the Bill, Expense, or Check/Cheque page.
  2. Use the following fields to enter a billable expense:
    Account or Product/Service Choose the expense account or product/service appropriate for what you purchased for the customer.
    Amount Enter the cost of what you purchased for the customer. You can enter a calculation.

    If that cost is less than the total amount of the transaction, enter a separate detail line for each amount.

    Description Enter a description of what you purchased for the customer. Note: This appears on the customer's invoice.
    Customer Choose the customer who will be billed for the expense. If you don't see a Customer field, Expense and product/service tracking by customer isn't set up.

    Select the box. If you don't see a Billable column, billable expense tracking isn't set up.

    How do you set that up?
    Markup (Optional for only some countries) Enter a markup percentage.

    This column appears only if a Billable column appears and if Tax is turned on.