The Vendors/Suppliers page is where you keep track of the vendors/suppliers you work with. Vendors or suppliers are people or companies that you pay money to, such as a store, utility, landlord, or subcontractors who do work for you.

Use the Vendor/Supplier Money Bar

The colored bar at the top of the Vendors/Suppliers page—the Vendors/Suppliers Money Bar—gives you a visual overview of your vendor/supplier interactions.

It shows:
  • The number and total amount of purchase orders you have open with vendors/suppliers
  • The number and total amount of bills from vendors/suppliers and how many are overdue
  • The number and amount of bills you’ve paid in the last 30 days

Select one of the colored categories to filter (narrow) the list. For example, select the Open Bills category to see only those vendors/suppliers who have an open bill with you. Select Clear Filter / View All to return to the complete list of vendors/suppliers.

Take quick action on vendor/supplier transactions

Use the list on the Vendors page to take quick action on a transaction.

  1. Select Expenses from the left menu.
  2. Select Vendors/Suppliers at the top.
  3. Under the Create Bill drop-down, choose the relevant action: Create Bill, Create Expense, or Make payment to the right of the vendor name.