Company settings let you configure QuickBooks Online to work the way you want. You can configure settings in one of two ways:

  • Go through the list
  • Configure settings as you work

To go through the list and set them all at once:

  1. Select the Geaicon at the top, then Account and Settings (or Company Settings depending on what you see).
  2. Use the categories on the left to navigate.

Or, you can configure settings as you work (there are more than 40 of them).

For example, when you create a report for the first time, a window opens, called a setup interview. Each setup interview has questions about the part of the product you're using at that time. When you answer these questions, you automatically configure your settings.

You can answer some or all of the interview questions right away, or you can select Cancel. The next time you sign in to QuickBooks Online and create a report, the setup interview opens at the point where you left off.