Search for transactions by number, date, or amount:

  1. Select the magnifying glass at the top of the page.
  2. Enter a transaction number, a date, or an amount and press Enter.
  3. If you don't find what you want, select Advanced Search.
  4. Use the buttons alone or in combination to select the type of data you want to find. For example, to find all transactions dated in the past 30 days of amounts with a value of 100:
    1. Change Reference no. to Date.
    2. Change Today to Past 30 Days.
    3. Select Search. You'll find a list of transactions.
    4. To narrow the list, change Date to Amount, enter 100 in the box and this time, select Add Filter.
  5. You can even customize your results list. Select the small gear above the table, and then select the columns to display.
  6. You can also use the icons beside the small gear to print the result or export the list to an Excel spreadsheet.

Search by transaction type: 

  • By Customer name
    1. Select Sales from the left menu.
    2. Choose Customers at the top.
    3. Select a customer to view transactions.
  • ​By Sales transaction
    1. Select Sales from the left menu.
    2. Choose All Sales at the top.
    3. Select an invoice or estimate to view transactions.
  • By Vendor/Supplier name
    1. Select Expenses from the left menu.
    2. Choose Vendor/Supplier at the top.
    3. Select a Vendor/Supplier to view transactions.
  • By Expense
    1. Select Expenses from the left menu.
    2. Choose Expenses at the top.
    3. Select an expense to view transactions.
Tip: Select a column header to sort the list by type, date, amount, and so on. Or, select the  Filter button to narrow the list by expense type, status, and so on.

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