Recurring Payments lets you charge your customers automatically on a regular schedule that you set.

Once you connect recurring payments with QuickBooks, you can access your QuickBooks Customer list and Items list to help you fill out the form. You can also have QuickBooks automatically create and pay invoices for each actual payment processed.


To create a recurring payment:

Step 9: Review and save the recurring payment setup

Carefully review your recurring payment setup and make sure your entries match the terms of the authorization form signed by your customer.

  1. Choose Edit to make changes.
  2. Select Submit to save.
  • Note: When you use QuickBooks Desktop and a change or new information is added the customer or items list, be sure to close and re-open QuickBooks to synchronize the data with our systems. Recurring charges typically occur at midnight of the transaction date may may take place up to a few hours later.
  • For Frequently Asked Questions, please see: Recurring Credit Card Payment FAQs