Important! You can export your info to TurboTax only if you signed up for our Tax Bundle. You won't find the links and buttons mentioned below without the bundle.

If you do have the bundle, when you export your data to TurboTax, you get a big head start on completing your annual tax return. All the income, deductions, mileage, and more that you've been diligently managing in our product are compiled and sent to TurboTax, saving you from calculating and entering the info by hand.

To export your data to TurboTax:

Important! You can export your data only once. There's no opportunity to step back and re-do it. That's why it's very important to complete the Tax Checklist and thoroughly review the Export Summary.

  1. Complete the tasks in the Tax Checklist.  You can find the checklist here:
    • On the home page
    • On the Taxes > Annual Taxes page
  2. Select Export to TurboTax, either at the bottom of the Tax Checklist or near the top of the Annual Taxes page. The Tax Year Export Summary appears.
  3. Review the summary of the data to be exported. You'll be prompted to complete any missing or incorrect sections before you can continue.
  4. When you're satisfied that your data is accurate and up to date, select Continue.
  5. Enter the requested info to create a TurboTax account. If you used TurboTax before, you're prompted to link your accounts.
  6. When you're ready to proceed, select Export. A new tab opens in your browser and takes you to TurboTax.
  7. From there, complete and file your annual tax return.

    For our non-bundle customers

    If you're using an accountant or another tax prep method, we provide 2 files to give you the financial info you need about your self-employment:

    • An annual tax summary in PDF format. It lists your taxable business profit and total amounts for each Schedule C deduction category.
    • An annual tax details in XLS format. It lists every transaction, grouped by Schedule C category, for the year.

    Find these reports on the Taxes > Annual taxes page or on the Reports page.

    Disclaimer: You can't subscribe to the Tax Bundle if you signed up for our product through your accountant. They're expected to file your return for you.