Legal and professional services include fees paid for short-term professional advice (including lawyers and accountants) regarding specific deals, sales transactions, or yearly taxes.

Heads up : If you consulted an accountant or lawyer for both personal and business advice, ask for a bill that separates the fees, so you can appropriately deduct the expenses.

Examples include:

  • Professional association membership fees

  • Organization dues (including state bar dues)

  • Legal fees for business matters

  • Accountant fees

  • Short-term consulting fees

  • One-time management consultation fees

  • One-time marketing consultation fees

  • One-time engineering consultation fees

  • One-time technical consultation fees

  • Fees paid for Web site analysis

  • Other outside consulting fees for short-term advice on specific deals

  • One-time logo and web design fees

  • Fees paid to talent agents and business and personal managers who are not paid as employees