If you subscribed to our tax bundle, you can pay your quarterly estimated tax payments online directly from our app to the IRS.

You must first register with eftps.gov (the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System). It takes eftps.gov 5-7 days to validate your info and send you a PIN, which will arrive by USPS mail.

Important! Be sure to register as an Individual when enrolling, and be sure to use your Social Security number.

If you enroll as a business or use an EIN instead of a Social Security number, you won't be able to pay your 1040-ES online. You'll need to start over and create a new account using your Social Security number. (That means waiting another 5-7 days again.)

Why do you have to enroll with your Social Security number? Even if you have an EIN, the estimated taxes you're paying are for your personal taxes. This means you must use your Social Security number so your payments are associated with you as an individual.

Tip! If you're worried you won't have a PIN in time to make an online tax payment deadline, print a voucher and send it with a check by USPS mail. You'll be able to pay online at the next tax deadline.