We have a great Tax Bundle subscription that includes both QuickBooks Self-Employed and Turbo Tax Self-Employed for one subscription price. It gives you use of both our app and Turbo Tax Self-Employed, plus free e-filing for one federal and one state return.

If you signed up for the bundle, but want to use a different tax prep method, you can change-downgrade-your bundle to QuickBooks Self-Employed only.

Here's what to do: 


  1. Click the Gear icon  from any page, and then click Billing info.
  2. At the bottom of the Billing Info page, click the Cancel now link.
  3. Select the Keep QuickBooks Self-Employed option. 
  4. Click Change subscription.
If you make the change before the end of your billing cycle, you'll receive a prorated refund for your bundled price. This should happen automatically, but if it doesn't, contact our support team

Note: Android subscribers are now able to upgrade and downgrade their subscriptions without cancelling.