Our Tax Bundle combines Turbo Tax Self-Employed with our product. With these two apps, you save on taxes and can file them in a snap.

QuickBooks Self-Employed + TurboTax Self-Employed
  • Separate business and personal expenses in a single click
  • Maximize your deductions with Schedule C categorization
  • Quarterly estimated taxes calculated automatically
  • Your taxes done right, guaranteed
  • File faster by exporting your Schedule C to Turbo Tax
  • One federal and one state tax return filing included

With the Tax Bundle, you can pay quarterly taxes online directly from QuickBooks Self-Employed and seamlessly export your Schedule C data to TurboTax Self-Employed. Your monthly subscription cost increases and yet is still lower than the cost of what you’d pay to use TurboTax separately.

Do you use an accountant for tax filing and advice? No need for the Tax Bundle then. We can give you all of the self-employed info you need to hand over to your accountant at tax time: expenses and totals in the right Schedule C categories, mileage tracking, income, and more. Just print or send the Tax Summary or Tax Details report, and your accountant can take it from there. (Find these reports on the Taxes > Annual taxes page or on the Reports page.)


Got tax questions? The TurboTax AnswerXChange is a great place to find answers. Read FAQs, ask a question in our community, chat with an agent, or give experts a call.