These include the costs you’ve incurred during this tax year that were related only to your office space.

We automatically categorize these transactions for you as Office expenses:

  • Office supplies/postage

  • Shipping fees

You can also enter these as office expenses:

  • Stamps, labels, envelopes, and mailers

  • Shipping materials

  • Storage and filing boxes

  • Memo and message pads, Post-it notepads

  • Whiteboards and markers

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Calendars and planners

  • Staples, staplers, paper clips, and scissors

  • Tape, tape dispensers, and rulers

  • Calculators

  • Business membership fees to superstores like Costco and Sam's club

  • Pickup and delivery services

  • Bottled water delivery

  • Shredding services

  • Backup data and archiving services

  • Office cleaning

  • Handicap access expenses

  • Office decorating expenses

  • Separate cable line for your office

  • Separate security system for your office