You can import from sources other than your connected bank accounts. Be sure to do it carefully: 

  •  All amounts need to be correct (you can't change the data once it's on our servers).
  • Make sure there are no duplicates.
  • Always try to connect an account as your first choice before importing. It greatly reduces errors, makes you much more efficient at managing your finances, and updates automatically whenever you sign in.
Important: To import transactions here, your file must be a CSV file (comma-separated values). Most banks allow you to export transactions to this file type. If you've been using a spreadsheet to track transactions, you can save or export the file to CSV format.

To import your CSV file:
  1. Click the gear icon () at the top right of any page.
  2. Click Imports in the dropdown menu
  3. Click Import older transactions on the right for the account you want the transactions to belong to. 
  4. Follow the instructions onscreen to finish importing your data.
  5. Click Import.
If you don't see the link to import transactions from other sources, you likely already have a Cash account. Click Import older transactions to add the new transactions to the existing Cash account.