For customer or vendor/supplier lists, the following fields are imported:

Field Description Restrictions
Full Name
  • Name of customer or contact. The first, middle and last name must appear in a single column or field before importing.
  • At least one of the name fields in the originating file must contain a name
  • A name cannot exceed 100 characters
  • A name cannot include a tab, newline, colon (:) or quotation mark (")
  • Names must be unique between your contact lists - Employee, Customer and Vendor/Supplier.
  • Name of company.
  • Limit of 50 characters
  • Cannot contain spaces, and must contain an at sign (@) and a period (.) (for example,; can have maximum 100 characters.
  • No formatting restrictions; limit of 21 characters.
  • No formatting restrictions; limit of 21 characters.
  • No formatting restrictions; limit of 21 characters.
  • Must be in a valid URL format (for example,; limit of 1000 characters.
  • Limit of 2000 characters.
City (or City/Town for international version)  
  • Limit of 255 characters

State (Australia,US)

State/Territory (Australia, India)

State/Province/Region (International)

Province/Territory (Canada)

  • Limit of 255 characters
ZIP or Postal code  
  • Limit of 30 characters
  • Leave blank to accept your home country.
  • Limit of 255 characters
Opening Balance (Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, India, US, International)
  • (Optional) Balance of the account as of the Opening Balance Date, in the account's currency.
Opening Balance Date (Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, India, US, International)
  • (Optional) The date the opening balance was valid.
Account Number (France)
  • (Optional) The account number of the customer or supplier account.
  • This allows you to group customers or suppliers into a single account or assign a unique account for each customer or supplier.
  • The account number must follow these rules:
    • It must start with 411 for customers, and 401 for suppliers.
    • It must be between 6 - 15 digits.
    • It can contain both numbers and letters.
    • If the account number is not present, a customer is automatically assigned to account 411001, and a supplier is automatically assigned to account 401001.

ABN (Australia)

CNPJ (Brazil)

Business Number / Bus. No. (Canada)

TVA ID (France)

Tax Registration Number / Tax Reg. No. (India)

GST Reg. No. (Singapore, Malaysia)

VAT Reg No. (customers) or Companies House Registration Number (suppliers) (UK)

Tax Reg Number (customers) or Tax ID Number (suppliers) (International)

  • Optional
  • The business number or tax number for customers or suppliers.
TVA Report Basis (suppliers) (France)
  • Optional
  • Choose the report basis for this supplier (cash or accrual). If left blank, this field defaults to cash.
Resale Number (customers) or Tax ID (vendors) (US)
  • Optional
  • The Resale Number (for customers) has a limit of 16 characters.
  • The Tax ID (for vendors) has a limit of 20 characters.


  • Confirm your files contain data.
  • To import multiple pages, save each page as a separate file.
  • Make sure the information you want to import appears on the first page of your workbook.
  • Make sure your spreadsheet has a header row. QuickBooks Online uses the first line for mapping purposes and does not import it.

When you export your lists from QuickBooks Desktop, clear any options that would add extra pages to your Excel workbook.