Effective November 1, 2018

QuickBooks Wholesale Discount pricing

Product Old List Price New List Price
effective 5/14/18
Current Wholesale Price
(50% discount)
Effective 11/01/18
Wholesale Price*
(50% discount)
QuickBooks Online Plus
1 to 5 users
$50 $60 $25 $30
QuickBooks Online Plus
6 to 10 users
$65 $75 $32.50 TBD
QuickBooks Online Plus
11 to 25 users
$95 $105 $47.50 TBD
QuickBooks Online Essentials
1 to 3 users
$35 $35 (no change) $17.50 $17.50 (no change)

*Includes all Accountant channels - Wholesale, telesales, client direct-bill discounts.

Note, exclusions from the price increase include:

  1. Customers enrolled in an accountant package discount (e.g. 5 for $25, 5 for $5 each)
  2. QuickBooks Online Accountant, which will continue to remain free, including a free subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus for your firm’s use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t my Wholesale 50% discount give me a lifetime price for QuickBooks Online?

You can give your clients 50% off the then-current MSRP pricing of QuickBooks Online (including Essentials and Plus) for the life of their subscription when you sign up for wholesale pricing within your QuickBooks Accountant account. The MSRP price is subject to change at any time in Intuit’s sole discretion. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support options are subject to change without notice.  

As the MSRP price changes, the Wholesale (WS) discount amount will change. The current list price of QuickBooks Online Plus is $50. As a result, WS is $25 ($50 x 50% discount). On November 1, WS will be $30 ($60 x 50% discount).


Does this price change impact QuickBooks Online Accountant?

No. QuickBooks Online Accountant remains free to accounting professionals.


How will this affect customers I have enrolled in package discounts, e.g. 3 for $5 each?

Pricing will remain the same for package discounts for the duration of the promotion.

When does the price increase go into effect for the QuickBooks Online Wholesale discount?

For both new and existing QuickBooks Online customers, the Wholesale discount price change will take effect on November 1, 2018. 


When does the QuickBooks Online price increase go into effect for my clients who pay for their subscription directly?

For customers who are affected by the price increase, it will take effect on their next billing date on or after July 1, 2018. A notice will be sent from Intuit approximately 30 days in advance of any billing changes. 

How will this affect customers with whom I share an accountant-only discount and who pay for their subscription directly?

When you offer a direct discount, the QuickBooks Online list price for the direct discount will not increase until November 1. For example, before November 1, a new client who signs up for Plus using the direct discount will pay $35 ($50 – (50x30%)) during their promotional discounted period. After November 1, a new client who signs up for Plus using the direct discount will pay $42 ($60 – (60x30%)) during their promotional discounted period. 


Why is Intuit having a price increase?

We always strive to deliver the best solutions at an affordable price to our customers by investing in technology that makes QuickBooks Online easier to use.

We recently accelerated the development of QuickBooks Online by leveraging automation and other technologies to deliver time-saving features, including progress invoicing, the ability to manage projects with the Projects tab, redesigned invoice emails, new reports and 1099 contractor direct deposit. We have also expanded our third-party ecosystem with more than 500 apps which expand the capabilities of QuickBooks Online and allow users to work seamlessly anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about how we reinvest in QuickBooks Online, read our QuickBooks Product Updates on the Firm of the Future.


If my clients are unhappy with the price increase, are there any discounts available?

The best long-term discount option is to use the Wholesale discount available through QuickBooks Online Accountant. Wholesale pricing provides a 50% discount off the QuickBooks Online MSRP list price.