QuickBooks Desktop Multi-Monitor Overview

QuickBooks Multi-Monitor is a new feature available in QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and later. If you have multiple monitors, you can now use QuickBooks Desktop on each one to be even more productive!

You can go from only being able to use QuickBooks Desktop on one screen...

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To being able to use QuickBooks on multiple screens.

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Example of using Multi-Monitor Mode in QuickBooks Desktop 2018.

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QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Checklist

The following are required to use Multi-Monitor mode:

  • Ensure DPI (font scaling) settings for all screens/monitors are at the default level (100%).
  • Ensure in your Windows Display settings that all monitors are aligned horizontally even.
  • While using Multi-Monitor mode, do not adjust or change your screen resolution or DPI (font scaling) settings.
For the best possible experience, we also recommend:
  • Ensure all screens/monitors are at the same resolution.
  • Use the toggle button to move windows from one monitor to the next.

To enable the feature, go to the QuickBooks View menu and click Switch to Multi-monitor Mode.


Limitations of QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode

The following will prevent you from entering or using QuickBooks Multi-Monitor mode.

Limitations Details
Using Single View mode If you have the preference (Edit > Preferences > Desktop View) set to Single View, you will not be able to use Multi-Monitor Mode.
Anything other than 100% (default) DPI settings If you have your displays set to anything other than the default DPI font scaling (100%), Multi-Monitor will not work. You need to change your DPI settings to 100% for all screens to use this feature.
Third Party Multi-Monitor Programs Some 3rd party multi-monitor programs (such as Display-Link, Display-Fusion, etc) will not work properly when used with QuickBooks Multi-Monitor mode. For best results, use Windows native Multi-Monitor support.
Tile/Cascade Windows When Multi-Monitor mode is enabled, you will not be able to use the QuickBooks function to tile/cascade windows.
Moving the
main Program Window
Trying to move the QuickBooks main program window while in Multi-Monitor mode is not allowed. To move the main program window, you must switch to Single-monitor Mode.
Monitors' horizontal alignment If in your Windows display settings, your monitors are not aligned horizontally even, Multi-Monitor will not work.
Hosted Environments The feature will not work if you are using QuickBooks Desktop in a hosted environment such as Right Networks or Summit Hosting.

QuickBooks Multi-Monitor FAQs

Why do some dialogue boxes appear on the other monitor from the one I am working on?

Some dialogue boxes may appear on the screen you are working on:  For example, if you have your home page on your right monitor, and you click Invoices, the Invoices page may appear on the left monitor.  Simply toggle it back to the right monitor or move it manually.

Why do certain windows extend across into my other monitor?

Upon entering Multi-Monitor Mode, you may notice certain windows span across into the next monitor. Simply move that monitor to where you want it and either maximize it to that screen or adjust the window length.

How many monitors does QuickBooks Desktop Multi-Monitor support?

QuickBooks Desktop Multi-Monitor Mode supports up to 3 monitors. If you have 4, or even 5 monitors, you will be given the choice to pick which monitors (2 or 3) you use for Multi-Monitor mode.

A University of Utah study from 2008 indicated that productivity can increase by up to 44% for routine office tasks by upgrading from single monitor to dual monitor configuration.