Back in February, we made some big changes to your ProAdvisor profile and the Find-An-Accountant experience to make it even easier for you to connect with clients. We've made some additional updates, and now your badge will automatically display after completing the QuickBooks Online/Advanced Certification or the Desktop Certification. 

Please be aware that you can only update your ProAdvisor profile using the QBOA ProAdvisor portal. Also, if you had previously bookmarked your profile page URL on the old experience, you will need to re-save your bookmarks with the new profile page. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the landing page. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

The Find an Accountant auto-certification will go live on March 20th for Certified ProAdvisors. What does this mean?

ProAdvisors will no longer be required to upload their badges to the Find an Accountant site. The badges will appear automatically after completing the certification.

I am a Canadian user and I own an accounting firm. One of my employees is certified, but I am not and I created the profile. With auto-certification going live, how will this impact me?

If you yourself are not certified, your profile will not show any certifications. Since your employee is certified, you can have them create the profile so that their certification shows up with your firm's information. If you want to continue getting those leads and following up on inquiries, have your employee put your email address on their profile.

I am a QuickBooks Desktop certified user. Why can’t I view my badge?

Certified Desktop users will be able to view their badges in the system on April 13th.

How many firms can I publish on the Find an Accountant directory? 

Only one person needs to be certified to be included on the directory to represent the entire firm. It is recommended that each firm only has one listing on the directory. However, if individual partners/staff in the firm want to have separate/individual listings, each individual partner will need to be certified.

What are the requirements for setting up a Find an Accountant profile?

You must complete the QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop Certification in order to publish a profile to the FAA site. Once you complete the certification you can update your profile within QuickBooks Online Accountant. See Publish and manage your Find an Accountant profile for more information.

I just completed my Online certification. When will my badge appear on the Find an Accountant site?

If you just completed your Online certification, it will take 24 hours for your badge to appear on the FAA website.

I just completed my Desktop certification. When will my badge appear on the Find an Accountant site?

If you just completed your Desktop certification, it will take 7 business days for your badge to appear on the FAA website. 

I completed both the basic and advanced certification, why aren’t both my badges showing?

ProAdvisors who completed the basic and advanced certification will only see the advanced certification on their profile. This particular change allows for an easier browsing experience for Small Businesses who are looking for a ProAdvisor.

Where can I find instructions for how to set up a Find an Accountant profile?

This training site provides all the details required to create a Find an Accountant profile.

Can I display my Advanced certifications on my new profile? 

Certification badges will automatically display after a user has successfully completed the QuickBooks Online Advanced or Desktop Advanced certification.