To create a journal entry:

Tip: If you have many journal entries to record, you may find it faster to enter them from the register (or account history) instead.

  1. Click Create (+) > Journal Entry.
  2. Under Journal date, enter the date the transaction took place.
  3. (Optional) Enter a Journal no. to help you identify the transaction in reports.
  4. Enter the first distribution line.
    • Accounts: Any account on the chart of accounts.
    • Journal Code (France only): Enter the journal code associated with the account. You can add a new journal code if needed. You must use the same journal code for both the debit and credit accounts associated with the transaction.
  • Debits or Credits: Often the first line is Debits. After you save the transaction, find it in the Recent transactions report to see if Debit had the desired effect.
  • Description: Optional. This description appears on reports showing transaction details.
  • Name: Choose a customer, vendor/supplier, or employee associated with the line, if any.
    • If the Account is Accounts Payable (or Creditors, Trade and other creditors, or Trade and other payables), the Debit line must have a vendor/supplier.
    • If the Account is Accounts Receivable (or Debtors, Trade and other debtors, or Trade and other receivables), the Debit line must have a customer.
  • Location/Department: If you don't see it, location/department tracking is turned off.
  • Class: If you don't see it, class tracking is turned off.
  1. Continue to enter distribution lines until the sum of the Debit column entries equals the sum of the Credit column entries.
    • Tip: If you specify a Description or choose a Location/Department for a distribution line, the same Description or Location/Department automatically appears for the next distribution lines that you enter until you change the Memo or choose a different Location/Department.
  2. (Optional) Set a recurring journal entry schedule (click Make recurring).
  3. Click Save.

Note: Classes and Locations/Departments are only available in QuickBooks Online Plus

In order to have a journal entry show on either the Sales or Expense tab it must have a line for either Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable and include the name of the customer or vendor.