Accepting Invitations from your clients

For your client to transfer the user permission rights to you (as their Accountant) and to manage their books, you will first need to receive an email to accept this service.

Follow the steps below to help guide your client on how to first, send an invitation email followed by transferring the management rights to their file:
  1. Your client will need to click the Gear located at the top right, followed by Manage Users, under the heading Your Company.
  2. Next, request your client to invite you as their accountant, by clicking the Invite Accountant blue button under the Accounting Firms header. Your client will need to complete the necessary details which are name and confirmation of an email address.
Invite Accountant

User Permission Rights

You may already have discussed and agreed with your client the the permission level you will have to their files. Alternatively, your client may take the decision to choose the type of user level themselves.

Presented here is the full list of the type of user level. An Accountant can only be given either the Regular or Custom user or the Company Administrator. Reports Only and Time Tracking only, is reserved for employees of your clients firm.
User Type
If the incorrect email has been set up, your client can simply click on the Edit button as shown above to correct the email and then resend the invitation, by clicking the Resend button.

When accepting the invitation, you will be notified of a user ID already saved as the email address used by your client to invite you as their Accountant. You are recommended to accept this email address as your user ID or you can create a new user ID, however, this will differ from the email address your client holds for your records.
Accepting invitation
If you are unable to recall your password or your user ID, click the ' Can't remember your user ID/password?' link within the acceptance box and follow the process to reset your password and or user ID.

Accessing Client Files

Once you have accepted your invitation, an  Active status, will appear within your client's records and you are now ready to work with your clients accounts.
  1. Login to your QBOA and select Clients from the left menu. You can then search for your client and begin working.
Clients menu

Transfer Master Administrator

Please note: Not to be confused with the Accountants invitation - Your client has an additional feature named Transfer Master Administrator. This is not to transfer rights to the Accountant, but to transfer their full master administration rights of their own company to an alternative internal employee.

Transfer Master Admin

Adding Clients

  1. Login into QBOA.  ​Select Clients from the left menu.
  2. At the top right, below the gear icon, click the Add client button.
  3. Next complete the Client contact information, choosing whether the client will be billed directly, or whether the your firm will be billed under the Wholesale billing scheme. 
  4. Next select which product the client is using from Simple Start, Essentials or Plus
Which client subcription
  1. Complete the details ensuring to tick the check box if you would like to be the Master Admin of your client's QuickBooks company as well as adding any additional team members of your own firm to access the client's company file and then click Save.
master admin team access

Deactivating Clients

To deactivate a client making their status inactive, please do the following:
  1. Login into QBOA.  ​Select Clients from the left menu and choose the client that you want to make inactive.
  2. At the top right, click the Edit client drop-down button.
  3. Now click Make inactive.

Viewing inactive Clients

To still view the inactive clients from your full list of clients, simply go to your Clients list . Then click the gear (not the gear located at the top of your screen), but the gear icon located at the top header of your client list. Now click the ' include inactive' column.