Login into QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)

  1. To login to QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA), click on this link or paste the following link https://qbo.intuit.com to your browser. Remember to bookmark this link.
  2. You then require your user ID. This will be the initial email address you used when you first signed up to QBOA.
  3. ​Next, you will then need the password associated with the user ID, that you used, when you signed up to QBOA.
Login window

Forgotten User ID or Password

  1. If you have either forgotten your user ID and/or your password, click the 'I forgot my user ID or password link', located at the base of your login page as shown below.Forgotten user id and password

  2. You will then be redirected to confirm either your telephone or mobile number that you entered when you first signed up and registered with QBOA, or alternatively, you will be asked to confirm your email address or user ID. Your screen will be similar to this:

Confirmation for password reset

User Access and Permission Rights

The initial user of the account will automatically be given the Master Admin status when they first sign up to QBOA. The Master Admin, can then manage any additional users that sign up as a staff team member of your firm.

In QBOA, you are able to manage your own user's permission rights as well as your teams.

  1. To do this, login to QBOA and click the gear icon.
  2. Under the heading Your Company, click Your Team. A list of names, job titles, email addresses representing your team will appear hereThere are five headed columns. The fourth column titled Access, reveals the users permission access rights.
  3. To amend a team members access and permission rights, you simply click on a team member from the list.
  4. ​To manage the permission rights of your team member, click the Firm Administration and Books tab. Here you are then able to specify which type of access you allow your team.

The User Profile shows the name, title and contact details of members of your team. Whilst the Client Access lists the number of clients that particular team member has access to.

User permission access

Here's a description of your firm's administration users permission rights.

Access differences
Please note that if a team member has yet to accept their invitation, changes to their permission rights will be disabled, until they have accepted their invitation. An alert, like the one shown below, will indicate this under the team member's name.
editing access rights disabled

Adding and Deleting Users - Sending Invitations

  1. To add a new user (a team member), click the gear icon, followed by Your Team, under the header Your Company.
  2. At the top right, below the gear icon, click the Add User green button.
  3. Now complete the necessary details, name and email address and click the Next green button, at the bottom right of your screen.
  4. Specify the access of your firm's administration, subscription and books.
  5. Specify which client file you want to grant to this team member and then click Save.
Note: Please ensure the correct email address is typed into the required field, to ensure the recipient receives the invitation. You can monitor the status of any email invitations that has been sent, under the Team. The status will either show as Active or Invited.

Resending Invitations

  1. If you need to resend the email, go to the gear icon, followed by Your Team, under the header Your Company.
  2. Select the team member that you need to resend the email to. Under User Profile, click the Resend Invitation button.

Change User Email Address

  1. If you need to edit the email address for an Active user, click on Gear icon > Your TeamUser Profile.
  2. If you find that the user's email address is incorrect and they are unable to accept the invitation email, you will need to delete the user and set up the user's details again
  3. ​If the user is no longer using QuickBooks, you can delete the user from here, clicking the Delete User button.