When you open QuickBooks Desktop, you may encounter one of the following issues if the settings applied when using high-resolution display are not optimized:

  • The font or the icons on the Home page are either too small or too big than the usual setup.
  • A transaction form does not fit the screen.
  • The sizing icons at the top right of a window do not appear.
  • A field overwrites and hides its label.
  • Missing buttons.
  • Screen is distorted when you maximize or minimize it.
  • Paid status (stamp) is cut off or truncated on Invoices.
  • Home Page is blank.

Perform the following solutions to fix the issue:


Important: Modifying the default settings of your Windows DPI and screen resolution will affect other programs.

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Latest Update:

Some issues were resolved in version QuickBooks 2017. At this time, this issue has not been fixed for older QuickBooks versions. We are still investigating for possible root causes and solutions.