The Quicken Conversion Tool will assist with converting your Quicken file from an older release to the newer Quicken format which can then be read by QuickBooks Desktop.

Before using the tool, make sure you don't have other installations on your computer. If you do, remove them through your Control Panel and download the right one.

When to use the tool:

  • If your QuickBooks Desktop year is newer than your Quicken version.

When NOT to use the tool:

  • If you are converting the same year or Quicken to the same year of QuickBooks.

Download the Quicken Conversion Tool

Use the Quicken Conversion Tool

  1. After you download, launch the Quicken Converter and click Next.
  2. Select I Accept the terms in the license agreement, and click Next.
  3. Click Next and then Install to start the installation of the Quicken Converter.
  4. Select Launch Quicken Converter and click Finish.
  5. Select I am transferring data from Quicken for Windows and click Get Started.
  6. Select Open a data file located on this computer and click Select File.
  7. Browse to select your Quicken file ( .QDF) file and click OK.
  8. Click Convert it!.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Save to save your new Quicken Data File (QDF) file.
  11. Click Exit.
Important: Your upgraded Quicken file (.QDF) is located in a folder named Q17Files, Q16Files, or Q15Files which is in the same folder as your original Quicken file with the same name as your original Quicken file. Your Quicken file (.QDF) is now upgraded to the latest supported version of Quicken, and you can convert data from Quicken to QuickBooks. HOW16287