You may need to reinstall or move QuickBooks to another computer for several reasons. Use the following steps to complete this process.


If you're using a US version of QuickBooks Desktop (single user ONLY), check out the new Migrator Tool! It moves your program AND your files (up to three) with little effort on your part.

The tool is already available in QuickBooks 2019 and it's being rolled out in phases in older supported versions.

Reinstall or move your QuickBooks Desktop installation

  1. Have your product and license information available.
  2. Uninstall existing QuickBooks program before attempting a reinstall.
  3. On the computer where you want QuickBooks Desktop installed, download the installation files or insert the CD.
  4. Install QuickBooks Desktop as you normally would. See Install QuickBooks Desktop for more detailed steps.

Common questions about reinstalling or moving an existing installation

Move QuickBooks Desktop using the Migrator Tool

You can now move your QuickBooks Desktop version and company files in a few clicks using the Migrator tool.