The Condense Data utility stream lines your company data file by condensing closed transactions into summary journal entries and removing unused list elements. The utility can create a journal entry for each month in the selected period. The summary journal entries affect your accounts in exactly the same way as did the detail transactions.

Note: If you are having performance issues, the Condense Data Utility is your last option to try to improve performance.

What you need to know before you Condense


Running the Condense

After the Condense

After running the Condense Data utility, much of your detailed data no longer exists. Summary reports are not affected. Detail reports and reconciliation are incomplete or missing because their data is condensed into a few journal entries. All of this data is included in the back up that you made at the beginning of the Condense Data and in the Archive Copy. You may want to keep extra copies of the backup and the archive copy in a safe place like your safety deposit box.

Rerun and print (or save as PDF) these reports:

  • The accrual based Profit & Loss for all dates.
  • The accrual based Balance Sheet for all dates.
  • The Statement of Cash Flows.

Compare them, line-by-line to the reports you saved before running Condense Data. Since these are accrual based summary reports, they should be identical to the pre-Condense Data reports. If you find any discrepancies, restore the backup that you made as part of the Condense Data process.

Your options include:

  • Determining which transactions are damaged, repairing them and rerunning Condense Data. Repairing the file may require that you send it to Intuit Data Services.
  • Using the restored company file without rerunning Condense Data.
  • Creating a new company file.

You may want to consult with a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and/or with Intuit Technical Support. They can help you determine which option is best for you and they can help you implement the option you select.

Reports that will be affected by the Condense

Preserving your reports

Remember that your original reports are preserved in the back up copy and in the Archive copy that the Condense Data Utility creates, and in any other backups that you create.

Before running the Condense, reconcile all accounts, print all reconciliation and discrepancy reports or save these reports in PDF format, and backup your Company file.