The following video and steps will guide you on how to install QuickBooks Desktop.

Having trouble following the video? Follow these steps.

QuickBooks Install (Step-by-step Instructions)

  1. Download QuickBooks Desktop (if you have not already done so). See the Download QuickBooks Desktop page to get your copy of QuickBooks downloaded.
  2. If the download file does not open automatically, go to the location where QuickBooks Desktop was saved when you downloaded (should be on your desktop), and double-click the QuickBooks executable file (ex. QuickBooksPro2017.exe) to run the QuickBooks installation.
  3. Click Yes to All if How do I update my data to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop? prompted to overwrite the existing extracted files.
  4. Click Next to begin the installation.
  5. Read the Software License Agreement. If you agree, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and select Next.
  6. Enter your License and Product numbers and click Next.
  7. Select the type of installation for the computer.
    • Express: Allows the installer to make the recommended choices for you, including replacing your previous version of QuickBooks if you have one. 
      Note: The Accountant Edition does not replace older years by default.
    • Custom and Network Options: Choose this if you will be using multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on the computer OR if you will use QuickBooks to share data with other users on a network.
  8. Select where you will be using QuickBooks.  
    Note: If you selected Express in the previous step, skip to step 10.
    • I'll be using QuickBooks on this computer - choose this if you are not using QuickBooks in a network OR if you are installing on a computer that will be used for running QuickBooks but will not store the company file.
    • I'll be using QuickBooks on this computer, AND I'll be storing our company file here so it can be shared over our network - choose this if you will be running QuickBooks and storing/sharing the company file on the network from this machine.
    • I will NOT be using QuickBooks on this computer. I will be storing our company file here so it can be shared over a network. (A license is not required for this option.) - choose this if no one will be using QuickBooks on this computer and it will be used as a file server to share the company file over the network.
  9. Choose a new install location.
    Note: You can browse to a new directory, choose an older version to overwrite, or just click Next to install to the default directory.
  10. Click Install to continue, or click Back if you need to go back and review any of the previous screens.
  11. If any QuickBooks processes were running during the installation, the installer may ask you to restart your computer. Otherwise, click Open QuickBooks to get started!
  12. After installation, activate QuickBooks and you’re all set. If you run into any problems, see Register QuickBooks Desktop.


QuickBooks Installation FAQs

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