Here are several recommended solutions to resolve multi-user errors. Running QuickBooks File Doctor on the server (Solution 1) will diagnose common networking and company file errors and help resolve the problem for you. If you still experience the error, refer to the manual troubleshooting steps (solutions 2-5).



Important: Do the following steps on your server computer (the machine that physically hosts your QuickBooks company file(s)). You will also need to make sure you sign in to the server as the admin user (or user with admin rights) to be able to run the File Doctor.

Make sure QuickBooks is Installed on your Server Computer

Ensure QuickBooks is installed on your server before you begin.  It can be installed with a license (full QuickBooks Desktop) or without a license (database manager hosting only).  If QuickBooks is not installed on your server, you will not be able to use multi-user mode. You can download QuickBooks form here.


Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to fix your H202 error (preferred)

  1. Go to your server computer (computer that physically stores your company file).
  2. At your server computer (computer hosting your company file/s), open the start menu and type database.
  3. ​Click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  4. If no folder locations are shown, click Browse and browse to the folder where you store your company file(s).
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Start Scan, which will repair the firewall permissions to allow QuickBooks to communicate over your network and resolve your error.
  7. When finished, click Close and try opening QuickBooks in Multi-User mode on your workstation(s).


Solution 2: Download and use the QuickBooks File Doctor

Step 1: Download and Run the QuickBooks File Doctor

  1. At your server computer (computer hosting your company file/s), download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  2. ​​Once you have installed QuickBooks File Doctor, open it (unless it opened automatically) by double-clicking the icon on your desktop or by going to the Start menu and typing File Doctor.

Step 2: Using the QuickBooks File Doctor to Fix Multi-User Hosting Errors

  1. Your company file should be listed in the drop-down list, if not browse to it locally on your server.
  2. ​Select Check your network and click Continue.
  3. Pick Server as long as you are on your server computer (or the computer that physically stores your company file).
  4. If you see a message about sharing your folder, click Yes.

Step 3: Did QuickBooks File Doctor Resolve Your Error?

Once complete, try to open QuickBooks in Multi-User mode again.  If you still are now getting a H303 or H505 error, that means hosting is enabled on your workstation (not your server computer).  To fix it, run QuickBooks File Doctor and choose the Workstation option instead of Server from step 3, or follow solution 2 below.




Why are you getting H202 and other multi-user mode errors? 

QuickBooks Desktop is trying to establish a connection to the company file and can't communicate with the server (computer hosting your QuickBooks company file). 

Several issues can cause H202 and other multi-user related errors:

  • (most common scenario) QB firewall ports are not set properly - The Windows firewall is blocking incoming/outgoing communication to the company file. QuickBooks File Doctor (solution 1 above) will fix this.
  • (most common scenario) QuickBooks services are not started - QuickBooksDBXX or QBCFMonitor services are not running and should be started automatically.  QuickBooks File Doctor (solution 1 above) will fix this.
  • (somewhat common scenario) Hosting configuration settings are incorrect - Another computer might have hosting turned on. Only the server (where the file is saved) should have hosting turned on.  QuickBooks File Doctor (solution 1 above) will fix this.
  • (least common scenario) Server 2012 Essentials?  When using Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 as a QuickBooks file server, you may need to perform additional steps after every reboot to prevent getting H202 error. See Solution 2 for detailed information and steps.
  • (least common scenario) Damaged QuickBooks Installation on Your Server- A damaged QuickBooks Database Server Manager may give you this error message when trying to start the database manager service manually. See The QuickBooksDBXX service on Local Computer started and then stopped for additional information.